Victims of
H O M E S C H O O L I N G   F O R   A D U L T S

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If you feel like your unalienable rights to
    life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
    are under attack,
If you feel that immorality is on the rise,
    America is headed over a cliff,
    Civilization is crumbling,

       And you are powerless to stop it...       

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Millions of parents are realizing that
dropping their kids off in an atheistic school
is a dereliction of their duties as a parent.

But what about parents themselves?

What about parents who were themselves
dropped off at an atheistic school and are now
Victims of Educational Malpractice?


America was once the most prosperous and admired nation in history.
Today the United States is bankrupt, and Americans are despised around the world.

And you are part of the problem.

If America's Founding Fathers could travel through time, they would say you are a Victim of Educational Malpractice.

Sure, you're better educated that most Americans, but that ain't sayin' much.

You -- yes you -- are a victim of educational malpractice.
You were denied the education that America's Founding Fathers had;
You were denied the education that made America the most prosperous and admired nation in history.
You can begin a journey on the road that leads to prosperity and the admiration of others.
Using the internet, twelve years of a colonial American one-room schoolhouse can be compressed into a twelve-month program. Twenty minutes in the morning, twenty minutes in the evening, while you commute to and from work.
Or exercise. Or wash the dishes.

Our guarantee is simple. If you complete our assignments,

you will experience
the most profound, beneficial, 
massive, and lasting personal transformation of your entire life,
or we will DOUBLE your money back.

You will become

  • An Extraordinary American,
• An Extraordinary Christian,
  • An Extraordinary Human Being

(These were the goals of "the Father of the American Revolution," Samuel Adams, in the first letter he wrote to ordinary Americans through a network of communication known as "The Committees of Correspondence." Chances are, you are unable to understand what Adams said to ordinary Americans in 1772. You will be able in just a few months.)

You can start right now. Put your name and email address in the box and you will immediately receive the first lesson. Then you will receive each daily lesson automatically. Listen on the web or download the audio files to your personal MP3 device.

In 30 days you'll have an opportunity to decide for yourself how much this course should cost. Make a tax-deductible donation to the non-profit, tax-exempt organization that sponsors this website:  Vine & Fig Tree. There is no other financial obligation. We want you to get started overcoming educational malpractice and make extraordinary learning a lifelong habit.

If you see America crumbling, but feel powerless to stop it, the feeling of powerlessness you feel is your inability to diagnose America's problem correctly.
The doctor cannot write the correct prescription without an accurate diagnosis.

The reason you don't understand what's really wrong with America
and the reason why you are not equipped to be an effective agent for change is because you are

A Victim of
Educational Malpractice.

Public schools in America were originally the product of the Protestant Reformation, and its banner "Sola Scriptura.".
The purpose of public schools was to teach everyone in town the Bible.
Teaching the Bible would inculcate three things:

  • Religion
  • Morality
  • Knowledge of the way the world really works: The "Spirit of Liberty" and the evil of "tyranny."

These three things, to be taught in public schools, were set out in America's "Organic Law," the most fundamental charters of America's national existence. (You don't know what "organic law" means because you're a victim of educational malpractice. Go to your local law library and tell the librarian you want to see America's "organic law." It's in the library, but the librarian may say you're the first person to ever ask about it.)

The U.S. Federal Government has banned the core curriculum prescribed by America's Founding Fathers for America's public schools. Education was primarily religious, not secular. America was a Christian nation, not a "secular" nation. If America's Founders could travel through time and have a conversation with you, they would say you are

  • not a Real American
  • not a Genuine Christian
  • A Pathetic Human Being

We have created a homeschooling program for adult victims of educational malpractice.

  • We don't teach "the 3 R's" (reading, writing, arithmetic). If you can't read, we will read the lessons to you via audio MP3s.
  • We teach the Christian Worldview that America's Founding Fathers were taught in America's Public Schools.
Here's what you need to know:
  • "Public schools" were created to teach everyone the Bible. Public schools were the product of the Protestant Reformation, and its banner, "Sola Scriptura" -- "Scripture Alone." [Proof]
  • The Bible has been banned from public schools by the U.S. Federal Government. The feds now prohibit public schools from teaching the Bible as its authors would have taught it and as America's Founders taught it: as the Word of God -- or as the Supreme Court of the United States said in 1844, in public schools, the Bible should "be read and taught as a divine revelation."
  • The Federal Government even prohibits your local public school teachers from teaching students that the Declaration of Independence (1776) is really true. Students can only be taught that it is an archaic historical artifact, and that those who wrote it may have believed it was true. (Or maybe they didn't.) [Proof]
  • The reason the Declaration cannot be taught as objective truth is because it is based on a Biblical worldview.
  • As a result of banning the Declaration of Independence from government-run schools, and ever since banning the Bible, the U.S. federal government has become the most evil and most dangerous entity on planet earth. In my lifetime, the U.S. federal government has killed, crippled, or made homeless tens of millions of innocent non-combatant civilians around the world. The U.S. federal government imposes pro-abortion and pro-homosexual policies on weaker nations. The United States Federal Government is the enemy of Mankind. Sound crazy?
  • Every single person who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would say that the U.S. federal government is a greater and more evil "tyranny" than the one they saw governing the American colonies. The tyranny which they abolished.
  • The Bible prohibits the violent, armed overthrow of governments. The American Revolution was a violation of these Biblical prohibitions (e.g., Romans 13:1-7).
  • America is not a "City upon a Hill." Americans -- individuals like you -- must be that "City upon a Hill." Jesus was not talking to nations, but to individuals like you (Matthew 5:13-16).

These truths are life-changing.
These truths are nation-changing.
These truths are world-changing.

Are you ready to change your life, and change your world?

What is a "Real American?"
       What does America stand for?
       Does America mean anything?
       Or are we all just "Global Citizens" now?
       It's not your fault if you don't know what a Real American is.
       You're probably a victim of Educational Malpractice by our Government schools.
       Take this quick quiz:

In which country does the government prohibit teachers in government-run schools from teaching students that the Declaration of Independence (1776) is really true:
        a. Iran
        b. North Korea
        c. Communist China
        d. The United States
        e. All of the above 
That's correct:
The U.S. Federal Government prohibits a school teacher in a government-run school from teaching students that the Declaration of Independence really is true.
  • that there really is a God, and His existence is a "self-evident truth"
  • that our rights really are the product of the intelligent design of our Creator
              (not a gift from the government)
  • that all Americans really are obligated to conform their lives to
              "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"
  • that one day our actions really must pass judgment with
              "the Supreme Judge of the world"
  • that all Americans should have "a firm reliance on
              the Protection of Divine Providence."
  • that Americans have a duty -- not just a right
              -- to abolish any government
              that becomes a tyranny.
That's what America's Birth Certificate -- the Declaration of Independence -- says.

None of these things can be taught as truth in a school controlled by the government of the United States.

The Federal Government says that teachers in government-operated schools paid for by your local property taxes cannot "endorse" or "promote" these ideas. Oh, sure, students can be taught that a long time ago some people believed the Declaration of Independence was true, but teachers cannot say The Declaration of Independence really is objectively true, regardless of whether any human being or any government believes it to be true, and that students should stand up and risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in defense of those unchanging true principles. This is the only controversy about Birth Certificates that matters.

The Court requires government at all levels to maintain a neutrality between theism and non-theism which results, in practical effect, in a governmental preference of the religion of agnostic secularism. Justice Brennan argued, in his concurrence in the 1963 school prayer case, that the words "under God" could still be kept in the Pledge of Allegiance only because they "no longer have a religious purpose or meaning." Instead, according to Brennan they "may merely recognize the historical fact that our Nation was believed to have been founded 'under God." [Abington School District v. Schempp, 374 U.S. 203, 304, (1963).] This false neutrality would logically prevent an assertion by any government official, whether President or school teacher, that the Declaration of Independence—the first of the Organic Laws of the United States printed at the head of the United States Code—is in fact true when it asserts that men are endowed "by their Creator" with certain unalienable rights and when it affirms "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God," a "Supreme Judge of the world" and "Divine Providence."

"The Constitution: Guarantor of Religion," in
Derailing the Constitution: The Undermining of American Federalism,
edited by Edward B. McLean, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 1997, pp. 155-56.

Notre Dame Professor of Law Charles E. Rice has observed  (see box) that under current Court interpretation, if a student asks a teacher if the Declaration of Independence was really true when it spoke about God, "Providence," and "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God," the teacher could not say "Yes, our nation is based on these eternal truths." Presumably, no competent public school teacher (?) would say, "No, America is just one big lie." So this means that a school teacher can only say "I don't know" when asked if the Declaration of Independence is actually true.

Not a single person who signed the Constitution intended to prohibit a school teacher from telling students that the Declaration of Independence was really true when it spoke about God our Creator, "Providence," and "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God."

And we wonder why the more government-education a person has, the more likely he is to be illiterate, anti-social, peer-dependent, easily-misled, and amoral. America's Founding Fathers would see government-run education as perhaps the greatest threat to the Republic they created. Government schools are certainly the greatest threat to the idea of "Liberty Under God."

America's Founding Fathers would say most Americans today are illiterate victims of educational malpractice at the hands of the federal government.

How about you? Are you a victim of educational malpractice? Would you like to become

• an extraordinary American
• an extraordinary Christian
• an extraordinary Human Being

America was once the most prosperous and most admired nation in history.
America is now bankrupt and despised even by former admirers.
This is because the system of education that made America great has been replaced by one that makes us a third-rate nation.

It also has made you a third-rate American, a carnal Christian, and a truncated human being.

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